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She Is More Than You Can See. Full Stop.

She Is More Than You Can See. Full Stop.

She Is More Than You Can See - Minute

If you are reading this, you must be one of the human beings living on planet Earth. Now, because you are not an alien, you must have landed in this world after your mother carried you for about nine months in her womb and kept you safe there. Can a man do that? No.

After marriage, she is the one to get her surname changed for the man of her life. She is one to leave her home and call a new place home. Is there any he who dares to change his name for the woman of his life or leave his home?

If, in a family, man and woman are working, who takes care of the majority of the household work along with the job? Do I need to answer that?

From my perspective, all women in the world carry and fulfill much more essential responsibilities than men can ever imagine fulfilling. Then why so-called society considers women weak? What’s the reason? It looks like that a weak mentality and unreasonable orthodox beliefs may be the reason.

Besides taking care of children and the house, if she can run the world’s largest democracy, take global giants to new heights, drive climate change, she can do anything. And for that, you and I don’t need to empower her. She is already empowered enough.

Women’s perseverance and efforts-fueled victories so far have moved the world towards prosperity and equality. With all the rising women, we will see many more women success stories in the times to come.