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Branded Fruit: Get Your Brand Printed On Any Fruit

Branded Fruit: Get Your Brand Printed On Any Fruit

Branded Fruit - Minute

The only limit to our creativity is our imagination. Branded Fruit is a real example of that.

Branded Fruit is a new, outside the box, creative service that offers to print logos, text, and graphics on fruits! Look at the featured image in which logos of brands like Twitter, WordPress, Mailchimp, SoundCloud, and GitHub are printed on different fruits. Indeed, I found it an innovative, fun, and healthy way of branding and promoting your brand.

Before Branded Fruit, who could have thought of printing on fruits? While the logos printed on fruits are not edible, these are designed by Branded Fruit in a way that doesn’t affect the taste and usability of the fruits either.

Currently, you can get your brand printed on a variety of fruits like bananas, mangoes, pineapples, persimmons, limes, beets, potatoes, eggplants, avocados, and many more. Options are plenty great. And these “sponsored fruits” are sure to make a lasting image of your brand in the brains of your target customers.

Big brands are using Branded Fruit service for promotional giveaways, events, and providing healthy fruits to their stakeholders at the same time. Due to its novelty nature, people are also taking photos of branded fruits distributed to them and sharing on social media, which is providing free social media exposure to brands using sponsored fruits. Quite a great way to marketing!